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On one side, Parker has more than a bit of hero worship going on.He wants nothing more than to be a key cog in Stark's life both as a person and as an Avenger.There wouldn't be a movie like this otherwise, but to say that watching these same scenarios play out for the sixth time just in Spider-Man movies isn't getting a little long in the tooth would be to lie.That said, the movie does do it well, and there's enough interesting character and universe development along the way to keep the picture moving even when its action scenes largely stall out not because they're not exciting, but because they're repetitious.Meanwhile, a new villain, Vulture (Michael Keaton), born of greed and access to alien technology, arrives on the scene with the goal of acquiring more power for himself and his growing criminal organization. It does, to its credit, take the humor as an opportunity to character build, which includes reintroducing audiences to the character by way of Peter's video diary that sees him recruited, travel overseas, and eventually battle amidst the action from Civil War. It assumes audience understanding of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man and doesn't bother with the spider bite, the gradual changes to his physiology, the slow harness of his newfound powers, that sort of thing.

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Skin textures are pleasantly complex as visible in close-up, as are clothes and Spider-Man's costume in particular; the latter always surprises with the level of tangible complexity evident in zoomed-in shots of the mask, where the finest fabric details are visible with obvious textural elements.

He's sort of like a Batman-lite (speaking of Keaton) who has taken the wrong path with his life and opportunities.